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With the growing business landscape, the need for a quick adoption of the techniques in an organization has risen. The business models are therefore rapidly changing, the need for partnership with reliable service provider has increased. The service provider helps the organization in managing the whole business in a better way.

Tech Pericial is a leading provider of Business Process Services to various businesses. With extensive experience and best-in-class services, we ensure smooth working of the businesses across the globe. We take the benefits of the changing environment and the opportunities created by it. Our services help the organizations overcome the industrial challenges and get their business goals.

The business process management services offered by us include:

Operations Redesign

We deploy transformational solutions to ensure continuous improvement of the process of businesses. The process of operations redesigns includes functional analysis, identifying the gaps and skill deficits of the organization and then reorganizing the work process flow and functional alignment.

Analytics and Insights

We consider sales and marketing to be the key functions of the enterprise. Hence, we facilitate the informed decision making for these key functions. We also create processes for supply chain, financials, and risk management by provisioning the actionable business insights which are based on data analytics.

Robotic Process Automation

We provide robot component which integrates with the specific standards of the domain we work with, making the entire process more transparent. The robots are self- learning, non-intrusive. With the help of these robot components, many businesses are able to increase their overall productivity, exactness and observance.


We host the application of the business process management on our cloud, in order to reduce the operating costs of the businesses. The entire platform services offered by us as customized for both COGS functions and cross-industry SG&A functions.

Business Process Management

We have years of experience in BPM which has enabled us to increase the visibility of the processes of the businesses. We use some specific tools to address the gaps in the business performance which we keep on measuring on a regular basis.

IT-BPS Synergy

We deliver the right IT solutions to the global organizations by identifying the correct mix of technology. We look in for the best solutions to complement the business processes and enhance the outcomes of the business.