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The business environment today is highly dynamic with continuous acquisitions, mergers and regulatory changes. To succeed, you need a solution that can help you foresee these changes, and thus respond to them quickly. Tech Pericial’s custom business intelligence solutions help your enterprise get agile, efficient and adaptable.

Sales Analytics

Get full visibility into management trends and lead generation, so you can focus on the reps and deals that need additional attention. At Tech Pericial, our predictive sales analytics systems provide functionality that supports discovery, diagnostic and predictive exercises to enable the manipulation of parameters, measures, dimensions or figures as part of a planning or an analytical exercise.

Data Visualization

Data experts at Tech Pericial leverage data visualization solutions to bridge the gap between IT and your business. We provide Business Intelligence solutions using interactive dashboards equipped with complex analytics including real-time geo-mapping, timeline analysis, and predictive analytics. Using our data visualization services, you can have more meaningful decisions through real-time monitoring and visual exploration.

Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics is increasingly emerging as a key enabler in helping organizations understand customer behavior, needs, and preferences along with the product/service lifecycle by linking the ongoing business transactions with the past behavior. At Tech Pericial, our business domain competencies coupled with rich technical expertise enable us to define a social analytics strategy for your company, integrate Big Data analytics solutions into your overall IT roadmap, and implement the solutions that empower your organization.

Enterprise Data Management

Manage and visualize the data collected from finance, marketing, sales and other departments on a single instance. Our enterprise data management solutions help you meet your data management goals to provide data assurance in terms of quality, security, and accessibility. We are focused on creating consistent, accurate and transparent data content for our clients. Our data integration and data management technologies enable your company to access, integrate, manage and trust all your information assets.

BI Reporting & Consulting

Get custom reports pulled from analytics solutions for informed business decisions. Empowered with a proven practice that embraces lean and agile principles, Tech Pericial knows how to make your program and project successful. We deliver business intelligence reporting services and solutions to make sure that everyone in your company has point-and-click graphical access to the data they are looking for.

Analytics Apps

We at Tech Pericial help you get a 360-degree view of your customers, assess market sentiments, get a single report for consumer activity across platforms, and understand how your campaign investments are transforming into more business. Analytics Apps measure what matters most at the key stages: from first discovery and download to the in-app purchases. Leveraging the data analytics solutions and their predictive capabilities, these apps help you to reduce costs, improve revenue, enable innovations, enhance asset utilization and transform the way you do business.